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Accounting Services
  • Full set bookkeeping service on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis

  • Checking of accounts arranged by your own company

  • Set up of computerized accounting system on behalf of your company

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Our Services

Corporate Secretarial Services
  • Set up of a limited company in Hong Kong

  • Maintenance of a Hong Kong limited company

  • Assistance with opening bank accounts in Hong Kong

  • Set up of a Hong Kong branch of a foreign company

  • Set up of a Hong Kong representative office of a foreign company

  • Set up and cancellation of a Hong Kong sole proprietorship firm

  • Winding up of a Hong Kong company

  • De-registration of a Hong Kong company, or a Hong Kong branch, or a Hong Kong representative office

  • Provision of our office as your Hong Kong company’s registered address

  • Arrangement of CPA’s certified true copies

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Taxation Services
  • Profits Tax for a Hong Kong company or a Hong Kong branch

  • Salaries Tax for an individual with a Hong Kong sourced salaries

  • Employer’s Return

  • Tax consultation

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Audit Arrangement Services
  • Arrangement of Hong Kong CPAs for audit of your company’s account

  • Assistance during the audit process

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  • Application and extension for Hong Kong working visa and/or family visa

  • Arrangement of Lawyer’s certified copies

  • Translation

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